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Will Bowler has been tattooing professionally in the Portland metro area for over 10 years now, with no signs of slowing. His humble beginnings at a busy suburban street shop were short lived, as he insisted on drawing time consuming custom designs, instead of the typical small flash artwork which was so prevalent at that time. All of which has set the stage for his arrival in N. Portland at a custom parlor, Esoteric Tattoo, a decade later. His passion for large scale tattoo projects is obvious once you observe his traditional Japanese body suit which wraps him from wrists to ankles. Once you meet him, you will be surprised by his punctuality and discipline. Working creatively while maintaining a strict schedule, he will have your design work ready for your appointment time. Also surprising is the insane conversation he will gift you, so as to distract from the enduring pain of your appointment. Will has achieved a loyal clientele, many of which have endured, following him to every new shop on his journey thus far. Giving him larger areas to adorn and more artistic freedom over the years. He is currently working on many in progress sleeves and back pieces.

Will Bowler's ability to saturate color have gained him attention and are crowd favorites, but he still loves to tattoo a classic black and gray design when appropriate. When I asked him if he refuses smaller tattoos, or clients on a limited budget, he stated that over the years he has had a lot of clients share that they did not want to insult him by commissioning a small tattoo and chose to go elsewhere. On the contrary, he confessed that he appreciated the importance of every project, regardless of style or size. His only stipulation was that his clients were interested in having fun. Although Will's enduring love for the Japanese tattoo have pushed him to take on bigger and bigger projects, he is always excited to share a laugh and a small tattoo with a new client.

When asked of the future, simply, he stated "travel more, make new friends." How? I insisted, to which his only response was "tattoos!" Will Bowler is available 7 days a week and requires a consultation and deposit for all projects. Between existing appointments, Will is happy to take walk-ins without an appointment, as time allows.





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